Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dancing with the Rain

Today was just plain yucky. A late morning start with an infant that wouldn't sleep during the night and a toddler that just wanted to test my patience. Nothing seemed to flow today and nothing seemed to get done. Around 3:00p the rain began to pour around our house and the loud thunder soon followed. I had the TV on and decided it was time to change it to just music. I picked classical because it seems to be a bit more soothing and it is wonderful background noise. I was hoping it would soothe my mood as well. I was late on starting dinner. Rylen wanted to be at my feet and wanted to try everything I chopped. So be it. That is one way he gets his veggies. Jace was kicking in his bouncy seat and my mind was just thinking about everything I hadn't accomplished. Then it happened, a clap of thunder, the rain on the windows and a familiar tune in the background. Rylen had scurried to the window to check out the rain and I walked into the family room to turn up the music. It was a favorite classical song from our wedding and my mood melted to stop time and just listen. With glistening eyes, I took a couple of spins on the middle of the room my arms opened wide. I looked to my son who had joined me in the family room and had a huge smile on his face. He took a spin with me. Our day stopped and our dancing began. I scooped Rylen up and we danced to the waltz and twirled in the family room. I drank in his laughter and smiles. I set aside my irritations and just enjoyed the moment and relished in the unending love I have for my children...

.... then the power flickered and the music cut out ending our dance. I returned to my chopping block and Rylen returned to his window to watch the pouring rain.

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