Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

We visited Robby's Mom and Papa on Sunday of Labor Day weekend. Going out to the country is always a nice getaway. Breathing the fresh and quiet air does something to rejuvenate the soul. Rylen loves to go out of town so he can just run. This would be our first long drive with Jace too. He did very well and didn't start to get fussy until we pulled in the drive!

Papa recently got Susie, a new puppy, and she was very excited to see company. Rylen would scream, and I mean SCREAM, when Susie would run at him. He wasn't afraid, just overly excited. They both had a great time with each other. Susie is a type of sheep herding dog and it was funny to watch her "herd" Rylen from going out in the field or going down the driveway.

A couple of times she gave Rylen a good bump with her side and knocked him down. She also stole his shoes and bat for fun.
Jace even got to get in on the action and found Susie's nose and licking tongue to be funny.
We all had a great time enjoying each others company and watching the kids.
Robby and I decided that from now on we will have to bring a change of clothes for the kids. The dirt was caked on Rylen and it took a good 'ole sink bath and shave to get him squeaky clean.

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