Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jace 6 month appointment

We are 2 days away from being 7 months and we finally got in for our 6 month appointment. Such is life during the holidays. Jace has done so much the past few weeks and I will try to include it all. This morning we went to the ped and got two pokes and his basic stats. Jace weighed in at 13lbs 4oz (10%), Height at 25.25 (25%), and Head Circum at 42.5 (30%). We got the typical list of questions concerning his development, but I had to add some more to their list that they weren't asking. Along with his first tooth, Jace is already.....

Sitting like a champ!

Pulling to his knees and to a stand!

Drinking from a bottle while holding it!

and crawling!
...though his fastest mode of transportation is scooting.

So, it has been a busy month. Now if we could still perfect sleeping through the night...

Here are also the rest of Jace's 6 month photos

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