Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ever Changing...

So, you get ready to have your first child and you come up with a theme...for us it was vintage baseball. You scurry to paint the room and get the decor in place. Then the sweet child sleeps in a pack 'n play in your bedroom until they are 5 months. Suddenly you realize that you haven't finished decorating the room that your child is just NOW getting ready to sleep in. You decorate some more and add a changing table dresser. Ah yes, the room is coming together nicely. Your child turns a year old and starts really playing with books and toys. A bookcase is needed. You add one to the room. Uh oh, you are pregnant again. Another boy! They will room together. Easy plan, the bedroom theme is already decided. You go to buy more fabric for this child's blankets and pillows. Um, no longer available. That's ok, we'll go with ANOTHER vintage baseball material that is close and a different but compatible blue backing. The pillow and blanket are ready when Boy #2 arrives, but you know that he will not be in that room until he is about 5 months old. 4 months pass and you realize that you need another bed for your oldest. You buy a toddler bed and again rearrange the room to accommodate. I would have like to have a toddler bed that matched the color of the crib, but the crib color was a special color that is very hard to match. Child #2 begins sleeping in the bedroom with your oldest and you add more of the accessories to the wall to combine the two boys in the same room. And that is where we stand! I am still wanting to add a reading storage bench that will run under the window and I also need to make Jace's bedskirt that falls around the crib. Projects are still underway, but so far, not bad for a 3 year project!

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