Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jace Alexander - 8 months

Our little smiler is 8 months old today. Craziness. He is googling and jabbering and doing this crazy breath-sucking squeal. Too cute for words. We have to control our desire to squeeze and love on him when he is awake at 2am smiling at us. Yes, that would mean that our little tyke is STILL not sleeping the night away. It seems he has gotten worse. We typically do not get past 4 hour stretches. It is beyond me to know why. I am just blaming it on breastmilk. He takes full feedings throughout the day, typically every 3-hours. At night, he will go until about midnight and then want to eat again. After that he wakes again at 3-ish and finally again at 7-ish. So, who knows what to do. We have a pretty good schedule in the evening and so there isn't much to change there. I am starting to push solids. It is a little harder to do that when you are breastfeeding, so I am going to try and give him bottled breastmilk at solid feeding times. We'll see how that goes. We had a 2 week spell of constipation that was not fun to deal with. Poor Jace was not a happy camper throughout that time and we stopped solids all together to try and get everything back under control. So, we are in the clear again and bananas are on our "limited time basis" list. Today we are going to try and implement 2 solid feedings similar to what I did with Rylen when he was 6 months old. Jace has decided he DOES like solids, so we will see how it goes! We still only have two teeth, and i can't decide if the top ones are making their entrance. I'm sure Jace will let us know!

Physically, Jace is still excelling. He pulls to a stand with ease and also sits from a stand pretty easily too. He is a lot more cautious about it than Rylen ever was. Jace has also moved to the one-handed hold while standing, so his balance is getting very good. In a month, he could be taking his first steps! Watch out Rylen!

Rylen and Jace consistently take baths together at night and their bedtime routine coincides. Jace somehow ALWAYS ends up next to Rylen in the bath and we have to separate them. Rylen isn't so keen on Jace being right on top of him. Otherwise, bathtime is fun! Jace crawls around and explores the water. He has even tried to put his face in the water a couple of times to check out the plug. He figured out pretty quick it wasn't the best idea.

Jace is very content to play and find things to play with. He will sit in the loft area and play until someone comes and gets him or Rylen pushes him over....something we are working on. He mimics Rylen A LOT. Rylen loses balls under the stove at times and reaches to get them, so Jace decides to look under the stove anytime he is in the kitchen. Jace also loves books, but isn't quite as content to turn the pages with you. He wants to turn it over, taste it, and be gone to get another one.

He also still has a set of lungs on him and when he is distressed you here this "" out of him as he searches the room. Still a mommy's boy. But don't think daddy gets left out. In the evenings it is not unusual to see both boys crawling all over dada! It is so fun to have the love of both kids all at once. Makes you melt!

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