Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jace Alexander - 9 months

Oh, what to say about my growing boy except that he is growing TOO FAST! We had his 9 month appointment on the 15th, and his stats are as follows: 26.75 inches (50%), 14lbs 12oz (5%), 44.5cm (25%). I wasn't so sure about his height, so I remeasured him at the house and it is probably pretty accurate. I measured him at 26.5, but the guy is so wiggly that it could go either way. As for his development, I am waiting for him to start walking any day now. Just this morning he took a couple of steps forward holding onto just one of my hands. He is also very confident in standing without holding onto anything and has his cruising down easy. He has also managed to sneak by us and crawl ALL THE WAY up the stairs. I just dread that gate at the bottom of the stairs. Jace still loves to be doing anything that Rylen is doing and that has started to annoy Rylen a bit. Though, Rylen is sure to get into Jace's business as well when he is interested in a toy. Jace is also very content to crawl off and find something of interest to him. He really amuses himself well unless he is tired and then he gets clingy.

Jace & Rylen take their evening baths together every night and Jace is very good about sitting down when asked. He looks at you and smiles that you have instructed him to do something and then sits down. He does the same thing when asked to "Don't Touch". He must find these requests quite amusing. But he does comply, which is nice. Jabbering is also on his daily "to do" list. He is consistently saying "dadadada" and also using his m's. When he is upset and trying to get to me, we do hear a "mamamama". Jace loves to clap and I was sure he signed Football the other day while watching the signing videos with Rylen. But clapping and Football CAN be very close.

As for his routine, compared to Rylen's, it is loose. He typically nurses around 7ish, a solid feeding of oatmeal at 9:30ish, another nursing at 12ish and again at 3ish, a solid feeding with the family dinner at 6ish and a nursing session at 8:30 before he is off to bed. He is also still waking up at night at around 1:00a and 5:00a. Sometimes he nurses and sometimes he goes back to sleep. It will be a crazy night when I don't have to get up with him anymore. Jace is also getting 3 of his top teeth at the same time and #4 is close behind, so that COULD account for the night waking. All in all, Jace has 5 teeth and waiting on #6. Robby and I were calling him "Mater" from the movie Cars last night because he just had the one front top tooth that was really visible.

What else is there to say about our precious boy. He has quite the happy personality and takes Rylen's tough lovin' as best he can. One day he will be able to return the love I'm sure.

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