Monday, February 8, 2010

2 more teeth!

Since Jace was 6 months old we have had teeth coming in. As we are heading into his 9th month, he seems to be getting two more! So, to tally, we have the two bottom fully present. The first top tooth has broken through and two more top teeth are poking as well. I have a feeling that 4th top tooth will not be far behind. That will give us a total of six teeth well before he is a year old. This is also a bit faster than Rylen. I tell you, this boy is on a mission to catch up with big bro. That is probably a good thing as Rylen hasn't backed off wanting to wrestle with him. Very soon Jace will be holding his own in that department! Oh the joys of BOYS! I love 'em!

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jennifer said...

Sounds like Libby! Luke didn't have one tooth on his first bday! Libby has 6 already! I love your new blog background! I just changed mine again. It was beside your design on cutest blog! Save the date for March 6th, 1030 to 1230. It's the kids bday party! We are getting a bounce house. Hope you'll be able to make it!