Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rylen's progress

I wanted to update a bit about Rylen's speech progress. He is really doing a lot better these past couple of months. As we hit the beginning of June, it will have been 3 months since we evaluated him. At that time he was just starting to try and put two words together. He now tries to put complete thoughts together with 3 or even four of his signs/words. He is trying more and more to repeat what we say and is asking what things are on a regular basis. Some of me believes that he just wasn't ready to say much yet and another side of me still believes we need to work on it. Probably a bit of both.

We have been involved in ECI the past couple of months and I'm not really sure that is doing a whole lot. The lady seems to not really remember Rylen's strengths which may just be the short amount of time we have been with her. We only have the month of June left before he turns 3, so I am not really thinking we will see much improvement due to her services. Rylen's time in MDO was interesting. He has never had an issue socializing and being independent, so he did really well with all the kids. I think he finally resigned to being there by the last couple of weeks and did much better throughout the day. We are not sure we are going to take on MDO during the summer due to the cost. There are just some things that are more important. I'm sure the may have helped a little with his speech because it forced him to interact with other kids and teachers.

We have also had our observation with the school district and they are wanting us to come back for an evaluation on the 22nd of June. This will be after our two scheduled hearing appointments. Hopefully this will be the end to our testing for a while. I am anxious to know the results to his hearing so that we can finally move on in that area whatever it will be. Robby and I have been praying over Rylen at night for his ears and his speech. Please continue to keep Rylen and our family in your prayers as we continue down this path. Pray for God's guidance.

I am encouraged every day for his progress. I know he is making leaps. It is when I hear other children his age that my heart becomes heavy again. I long for him to talk my ear off and express to me what his 3-yr-old mind is words I understand.


The Schneiders said...

Thanks for the update, I've been praying for you guys.

RK&RJ said...

Thanks! That means a lot. We know we aren't going this alone!