Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Answered Prayers

We had Rylen's hearing evaluated again. We have been praying for his speech and hearing for the past few months and Monday morning we said one last prayer leaving the final outcome in God's hands.

The results: Rylen still has some negative ear pressure in his left ear but is not something that should be affecting his speech. Every other test he performed BEAUTIFULLY! She even tested the limits with the low tones going as low as 15 decibals and he responded every time. So, in the end, he PASSED! She gave us the go ahead to cancel his ABR test next friday! I absolutely LOVED making that phone call. What an answer to our prayers! I know that God would have been our comfort for whatever the outcome, but I must say that mentally I am so relieved that all is well! Now to focus on his speech. The smart cookie that he is will make huge leaps, I just know it. So, Robbins Academy....here we come!

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