Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jace Alexander - 13 months

Well it has finally happened! Jace has moved forward in many areas this month. First off, we are happy to say that he is sleeping through the night consistently! Yeah! On a slightly sadder note for me, Jace has also stopped nursing. I was really hoping that he would continue until 15 months. The good part is that he decided to stop on his own. I am so glad that I was able to go over a year with him. I know that he got a full year of the good stuff - liquid gold!

Jace is also quite "verbal" at his age. He signs: yes, no, stop, dog, thank you, eat, milk, apple, and tries many others. I have a feeling that he will be talking up a storm in no time. My fear is that Rylen and Jace will know what each other are saying and I will be left out in the cold!

Jace has always been our climber and now is no different. He is easily going up and down the stairs, though I still carefully watch him. He is on the move and very independent to do it on his own terms. Sometimes we get so caught up with reading books or paying attention to Rylen, that we find Jace just as content as can be reading or playing with his toys. So funny how a boy that can be so clingy at times can be so independent.

Of course we are adding more teeth and have a grand total of 8 now. We will now be moving on to molars.

This month I also let Portrait Innovations take on his monthly photo. I didn't end up with as many photos as I would have liked. Jace was not in a mood to be amused... BUT this was just not a month that I could take on the task. Nevertheless, we DID still get one great smile out of him!

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