Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today was Rylen's graduation from the ECI program. What a whirlwind! He turns 3 on Friday and so he is no longer eligible for their services. With that in mind, we also had our Spring ISD evaluation last week and Rylen didn't qualify for their services either! So, we have DEFINITELY graduated out of the program! This IS an answer to our prayers because it means that Rylen has progressed beyond their help. The only negative is that he is still behind and therefore, we will have to do our own "therapy" to get him up to speed. One perk to the evaluation was that they indicated we should have him tested for being gifted. Seriously? What a 360! I have never pushed for Rylen to be the "smartest" kid in the class. My goal was never to show him up to other kids...and still isn't! I also never looked to be the flashcard mom even though I NOW have flashcards for our preschool activities. I just wanted my son to have fun learning and to enjoy being a kid. This philosophy of mine still hasn't changed. So, whatever "gifted" means in the long run, we will just have to experience it as we go. For now, Rylen is just my sweet boy that really loves to learn new things and I intend to make sure he has fun doing it. There is nothing they have indicated, outside of the norm, that has hinders his speech. He is just delayed. So, he is progressing like any other child would, just eight months later. He is definitely smarter than his speech allows his to sound. So, I am excited to continue preschool with him as he is LOVING to learn each new letter each week. Rylen already knows his alphabet, numbers 1-10, most shapes including his favorite: octagon, all primary and secondary colors including white and black, and as of today, the sounds for A through D. Lets not forget the fact that he is indeed bilingual with a second language in Sign. We will continue to feed his love of books as well as his love of baseball. I wouldn't change my high-energy boy for anything!

On our last day of ECI, we played the typical games and puzzles and then had a very informal ceremony with cap, gown and certificate! He looks so grown up!

Congratulations Rylen!

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