Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Rylen!

We decided on a low-key birthday for Rylen this year. Just family. Our gift to him is going to be a Baseball Game. We are still scouting the perfect day for it. But we did celebrate his birthday with cake and balloons. A baseball cake of course and I found some cute little cars to add some color.

Rylen was quite the pro blowing out the candles this year, so we moved on to licking the candle. Unfortunately, after the lick came the bite....and then the spitting out of wax candle. We will have to fine tune that next year.

We gave Rylen a couple of gifts just for the day: Candy Land for fun and to work more on colors and counting AND a baseball pitching machine. After really looking at the pitching machine, we might have to pull it out again around Christmas. We think the pitches might be a little too fast as of yet.

Rylen always surprises smart little boy took the cars from his cake and put them in the order of the rainbow! He didn't say a word, just lined them up and moved on. CRAZINESS! Yes, I know that purple is before blue, but for those of you who know the signing time rainbow song, that is the order she sings them in.

Dear Rylen, I can't believe that you are already 3 and growing so big. I am amazed at how much taller you are in my arms when I hold you or rock you. You have such a wonderful sense of humor and an amazing amount of energy. You love to laugh and love on all of us. I pray that God will show us how to lead you and mold you. We love you so very much!

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