Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Robby!

We did a semi-celebration for Robby by taking him out for pizza (his fav) and Rao's (his fav). We went to a quaint little pizza restaurant that has great whole wheat pizzas. The boys love it as much as we do AND Rylen got to pretend play the race car game.

Then we headed to Rao's where we indulged AGAIN on some cake. We had this flavor for my birthday and decided it was a great choice to have again on Robby's birthday. The boys get gelato, a less sugary sweet treat. We love hanging out in their patio area because the boys can play without much fuss. Besides, they love the Blues Brothers and this time, Daddy showed them how to put pennies in the fountain. What FUN!

We finished Robby's celebration just a few days ago by going to Peli Peli over by 249 and Louetta. Very good and highly recommended!

Happy Birthday Robby!
The boys and I love you very much!

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