Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy October!

Typically around this time we visit a church pumpkin patch to get some pictures in the big orange balls, take a couple home and call it a season. We haven't attempted the big pumpkin patches yet and will probably continue to wait a bit longer. This year, though, I had scheduled some Autumn Harvest mini sessions for my photography business and that sucked up our weekend time to take the kids to get their pumpkins.

I also had already bought quite a few for the shoots and REALLY didn't want to buy any more. I had already taken Jace's pictures with the pumpkins for his monthly photos, so I just had Robby bring the boys by the shoot location when they were over to hang out and allow me to get some pictures of Rylen. He was all over the place, but in the end, we did manage to contain him enough to get some shots with the pumpkins. Rylen has always been a great helper and this time was no different. He was definitely into helping me pack up the goods and even got Jace to pitch in.

I love my boys!

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