Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jace Alexander - 17 months

Fall is here and my little boy is 17 months! That means PUMPKINS! I took Jace to a new photo spot to see how it would work for my Autumn Harvest Minis and decided to use the opportunity to take his 17 month photos. He had a blast playing with the pumpkins, wagon and just exploring.

Jace is a never ending stream of communication. He is always coming up with new words, so at this point I have NO IDEA how many words he knows. It is just HUGE. His favorite past time is probably pouting for the things he wants. He has become quite good at the drama, though we are hard pressed to give in. Still, he tries to work his magic. It is very dramatic but not injuring. He gently lays his head down and looks up to see if it has made an impact. If not, we repeat until we find something else to engage ourself. Jace is so funny. He makes us laugh with his gestures and antics. He has also finally started to throw a ball and this makes Rylen happy. They are playing TONS better together and the sqwaks from Jace are becoming fewer and fewer. Rylen is also pushing less and less to get Jace to comply, though Jace has mastered the duck and slide to avoid many of the attempts.

Physically, Jace is coming out of the 12 month clothing...S L O W L Y and into the 18th month clothing. We are STILL waiting on those pesky eye-teeth. They will not make their appearance too soon as I know we have been struggling with them lately with no signs to confirm. The pacis have been used for chewing devices more than anything.

What else is there to say? Jace eats everything, especially if we are eating it. He is quickly in front of us saying "bite" no matter how big of a meal he has just finished. Another favorite word is "cookie". I made some homemade raw cookies as a fun alternative to fruit some nights and it has been a thorn in my side ever since. Jace LOVES them and at every turn he is looking at me and saying "cookie" "cookie" "cookie". At least they are pretty healthy.

Well, that is my boy! Signing Rylen's bible verses, parroting everything that comes out of Rylen's mouth, eating us out of house and home, loving it when Daddy walks in the door, and still a snuggler on rough nights. My sweet Jace.

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