Friday, September 17, 2010

Jace Alexander - 16 months

Seriously? Is it almost October already? I just can't keep up! Jace is now 16 months and I am in a blur as to what is new and old in his world. He says so many words and signs that I truly can't remember if he knew it already or just learned it. Most of the time I have no idea when he learned a new one. Just today i asked him about some animals on a page and he signed AND said every single one of them. When did this boy pick those up? I would have to say that my pride and joy was watching him sign Rylen's bible verse. That brought a tear to my eye and joy to my heart. I can easily say that he knows over 60 words and probably just as many signs.

Jace is simply doing great in ALL areas. He is easy in the nursery on Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights AND for my bible study on Tuesday morning. That is so nice to have some time for me to focus on a study. So, it is lifted burden to know that he is just taking everything in stride. I do wish I could get better naps for him, but he usually catches up after a couple of days with a long 4 hour nap. So, basically he is at one nap about an hour earlier (12:30p) than when Rylen goes down (1:30p). He is a decent eater. Not much to eat veggies unless they are pureed, but this boy can still eat. I'm not really sure if he stops from morning until nap time. My boys love their green smoothies, so if I can make it healthy, they will indulge. Surprisingly, Jace is still on the small side with his weight. You'd think with all that he eats that he would chunk up a bit. But, i guess the lack of fried and fat-filled foods in his diet, he just burns all the good stuff off. I think we are finally getting close to 18lbs! HA! What more is there to say. We got all our molars last month, so now we are waiting on the eye-teeth. I think I see some possible pokage, but only time will tell.

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