Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Snow, Soup & Santa

This is an event that our church puts on right before Christmas. This happened to be the same night as the Christmas program this year which worked out PERFECTLY! Rylen's program came first and then we were able to go out into the snow. Of course in Houston, Texas, there is rarely any snow at Christmas. In fact, we are topping out 80 degrees just today. Hopefully we will be a cool 50 degrees on Christmas Day. So, with that in mind, our church has snow brought in for the occassion. It is a blast! The kids LOVE it!

Rylen was excited that throwing was acceptable. He was surprised that throwing at someone was not a "no-no", though we did have to warn those that were engaging with him that he does have quite an arm. Rylen even ventured over to the "big kids" snow arena. We just watched as a nice older boy tried to get him back to his area, but Rylen insisted on running and throwing with the big kids. He held his own easy.

The first thing Jace did was take a taste of the snow. Luckily we were one of the first to touch the mound, so I'm sure he didn't ingest too many germs. Otherwise, he just enjoyed stepping in it. After a while, though, Jace was the first to look at me and say "All-done". We had to drag Rylen inside.

Once we froze our hands and tooshies off, we headed inside for some soup and bread and then stood in line for another chance to convince Santa that we've been good ALL year. I take this opportunity to get the boys together with the big guy. Once again, both boys were just fine sitting on his lap and getting a candycane to chomp.

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