Thursday, December 23, 2010

MDO Christmas Party!

Jace and I were able to attend Rylen's Christmas Party Day at MDO. It was a half day full of organized chaos including games, sugar and Santa. They started the day with play and gift giving and then headed down to the cafeteria for storytime. Rylen was a bit restless because we were there.

Next was a game of pin the star on the Christmas Tree. Rylen's name came up 3rd, but he wasn't ready to do it until the very end. Not too bad considering we don't have a star on our tree yet!

Next was Santa, and Rylen just wasn't too thrilled this time. In fact, I am just assuming that they got a picture of it because I wasn't able to keep him up there long enough for me to take a picture. Rylen received a book from Santa about a Snowman Contest. It is one of Rylen's favorite books now. We had one more room with a game and then headed to a pizza lunch. The boys LOVED the pizza and enjoyed half of a sugar cookie for dessert. I figured the next and last activity would have enough sugar for both of them. Yes, we decorated GingerBread Houses.

I think most of the decorations were eaten, but the boys did manage to enjoy putting some of them on the house.

Admiring their achievement and checking for any missing details....I dont' think we are breeding architects though.

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