Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekend Project - Phase 2

So, Sunday, we decided to hang the curtains! Finally, our downstairs feels more like a home. The paint and curtains did darken the room a tad, but it doesn't feel dark or depressing, it feels cozy. So nice. We will still be looking to change out our rug, but in the meantime we needed something on the floor. I think this is a HUGE improvement and my hubby once again did a lot of work to get them hung. I gave some direction on where to put them, but he did all the hard work. Such a wonderful husband. I think we will be looking to get some tie backs for the curtains since they want to close up. Then of course there is the dreadful LONG wall. Oh what to do with it. We have a couple of pictures that we are going to hang and then go from there. It is a great wall to use for my photography, but so hard to figure out how to DECORATE.

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The Schneiders said...

Your room looks beautiful. I love the color.