Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Project - Phase 1

Rylen was just 6 months old when we tried out our paint color for the family room and kitchen. The kitchen managed to get painted later that year a wonderful portobello brown, but the family room has remained "new house white" (except for one wall) until this weekend. Rylen is now 3.5 and we finally painted the family room! It was a long awaited change, but it looks oh so nice! Rylen had fun helping by pulling down the tape. It was definitely a full day job...for Robby... as I didn't get to help aside from taking care of the kids. Robby definitely got a workout. I did put up tape around the windows and door, but that was my only real contribution.

Now that we have the walls painted, it is time to decorate! We already have the new curtains and I am anxious to get them hung...on to Phase 2!

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