Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The time is here...

...the time is now. The time has come to start casting your votes for baby robbins #3. Will we be a family of all boys? or will we add a little drama with a tiny princess?

I honestly have no clue. Each of my pregnancies have been different. Rylen's was a bit of nausea in the beginning with indigestion until the end. Not the most pleasant of pregnancies. Jace's was bliss. Very little of anything. I felt pretty normal except for the expanding belly. Of course I only had one kiddo to chase too. This pregnancy has been tiring and I had quite a bit of nausea in the beginning and it still lingers now. So, for whatever that information is worth, have fun voting!

My next appointment will be on February 8th. So, polls will close by 10:00am. The poll will be located on the blog on the left side of the page.

The winner(s) will get lifelong bragging rights! Happy Voting!

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