Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Jace!

My little guy just could NOT wait for his birthday. We have been trying to instill patience for the past couple of months until the day got here. Every day he would ask if it was his birthday and on some days be rather upset that it wasn't. I finally had to pull out a calendar so we could count down the days. This boy almost had an official birthday week with all the things that happened up to the day of his birthday. Thursday was popsicles at school to celebrate, friday we were at home but had pizza night, saturday we traveled to Dallas to see Grandmommy and Grandpapa and Daddy gave him a special treat of two cookies from a bakery on our way up and he got 3 orange balloons from the conference. Finally, today came and we celebrated with cake, sang Happy Birthday and he was able to open his presents. A Fish game from his cousins, a strider bike, and (his favorite) Buzz Lightyear. Surprisingly, this boy would not take his eyes off his Buzz to even eat cake!  So, I think it was a good day....or week ;)

Now, about that boy!

Well, he can talk you under the table for sure, loves puzzles, books and legos. He wants to eat his sandwiches in an octagon shape and is typically a sweet-a-holic. You'd think we gave him sweets all the time! He loves to be very independent and will put on his clothes and shoes by himself. Typically if we are butting heads about something, the option of "him doing it or me" works well as most of the time he chooses to do it. He LOVES to choose and make decisions. He says the funniest things and cracks us up constantly. The only thing we are really working on is his crankiness. This boy has mood swings that can make your head spin. Typically he just needs an extra hug. Though a great independent player, he loves to "cuddle" with you. Give him the opportunity to sit in your lap and he will hang with you for hours. He always wants to be able to do what his big brother is doing, so he has been 2 going on 4 for a while. In fact, when asked how old he was today, he said "4".

Amazingly, he has been potty trained since he was a little over 2, so our next adventure will be night time. I have been putting this off not trying to push him too hard. He was the instigator for the potty training and will get up during naps to go, but nighttime has been a little different. Though rarely wet when he gets up, he sleeps hard and I don't want to totally disrupt his sleeping by being wet in the middle of the night. I think he is really close so we are going to venture to training pants at night and see where that takes us.

So, that's my sweet Jace. Love him! Happy Birthday!

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