Friday, May 11, 2012

The Learning Room

This room is my current undertaking. It is not big, but is our only option left in this house for a designated learning area. I tried to use our kitchen table, but I was up and down the stairs with materials before school, after school, and during school. If Ladybug needed a nap, I had to take her upstairs and then come back down stairs for "school". Basically, I felt like I was in chaos and that this was not a positive environment for the boys. A little TOO crazy and I was losing their attention. My option was either to bring all school stuff downstairs and decorate our kitchen as such, OR change out the loft from a playroom to a learning room. We chose the latter. A bit of rearranging, a table, changing out the tv, some decor on the wall and TONS of organization SHOULD be all we need to make it work, BUT it is not a quick change and does cost a little bit of dinero to accomplish. So, I am hoping to have it finally together by June. Fingers Crossed! Any suggestions on organization for school materials is much appreciated.

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