Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our Curriculum...for now.

Soon I will officially introduce my sweet kiddos. But for now, this will be just a quick assessment of what our planned start is.

Rookie will be turning 5 in July. He should be starting public Kindergarten, but we are choosing to delay him since he would be one of the youngest. We are also working on some speech challenges, so the one-on-one with me will be much more beneficial.

His "curriculum" will be "Raising Rock Stars Preschool" (RRSP) by 1+1+1=1 interlaced with "Letter of the Week" (LOTW) by Confessions of a Homeschooler. Their curriculum links are on the left of this blog. We will be moving through these rather quickly because I feel like these are on the easier side for him. We will move to "Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten" (RRSK) in the fall interlaced with "K4" by Confessions of a Homeschooler. Along with these foundational programs, we will be using Handwriting without Tears, Child's 1st sight word cards, and We Choose Virtues. I will be checking out Right Start Math for him to possibly start in the Fall.

Ace will be turning 3 this Sunday the 13th (Mother's Day). He is currently enrolled in a Mother's Day Out program twice a week. That will be ending in another week and then he will be diving into our Summer curriculum along with Rylen. When the Fall comes, we will most likely continue to have him in MDO to allow me some more dedicated one-on-one time with Rylen. 

His "curriculum" will be "Tot School" printables by 1+1+1=1. Again, her curriculum link is on the left of this blog. Some of the Tot School printables are easy for him, but FUN, so we will speed through those to see where he is. By November we will probably be ready for LOTW and when Rookie starts RRSK, Ace will begin RRSP  Along with these foundational programs, we will be using Handwriting without Tears very loosely and We Choose Virtues. 

Both boys will be doing their curriculum and then a lot of hands on play and exploration! Rookie NEEDS to be up and moving A LOT so we will be doing as much of that as possible.

Ladybug will be turning 1 in July. She will continue to stay home with me and just have the fun of playing with puzzles, magnet letters/animals, and anything her little heart desires. She will be exposed to all of the songs and fun that I am having with the boys and will just absorb it all! I'm sure she'll have it all down before I ever start with her! HA!

So, that is the plan. We are rearranging our small loft as a learning area. I will post our progress on that from beginning to end as it is taking on a nice transformation. Prayers would definitely be appreciated for us to be able to move into a bigger house. Nothing ginormous, just more breathable for a family of 5. I am definitely utilizing every nook and cranny and am organizing and purging constantly!


SchneiderPeeps said...

I love Handwriting Without Tears. Our local school support organization - I'm not really sure what the proper description of it is but it's called Region III and every area in Texas has one - does workshops with a HWT specialist each spring. It is so very worth going if you can find one. Have you looked at Five in a Row - it's a great literature based study. Have fun this weekend...and try not to get too overwhelmed.

Kimberly said...

I'll have to check it out. I am really excited to see how this will help Rylen's writing and body awareness. I am trying to follow the charlotte mason approach and see what they suggest for ages 3-5. Habits, Outdoor play, Read-alouds, beginning reading, math, crafts, art, music, poetry, and bible. Trying not to get too crazy and grounding my expectations. PLUS. trying to find as much free stuff as possible. I think I'll get by this time with them being too young for a lot of stuff. I'll check out Five in a Row. I haven't heard of it.