Tuesday, May 22, 2012

School Year Ends

This past week has been rather crazy. After coming back from Dallas, I was not feeling up to par, so the first few days back were spent recovering. I had a dentist appoint to replace a cavity, we had Ace's end of school year program on Thursday and Rookie's last speech appointment this past Monday. So, we have been running around in preparation for a week. Now, though, we are officially out for the summer....well, according to the typical school schedule. Our home, however, will be gearing back up HOPEFULLY at the beginning of June. I am DYING to really get everything in to full swing and see where it takes us.

As for Ace's school program, he did great! It was his first one so I wasn't sure how he would be. He is one of those kids that completely zones out and is in la la land until he knows where mom and dad are and then likes to perform for us and with us. So, until we had a chance for him to have eye contact with us, he had his fingers in his mouth and was staring into space as everyone was singing the songs. This was not how I wanted his program to go, so I was sure to start acting like the typical "show mom" in the crowd doing all the movements to get him going. HA! I also wanted to use my zoom lens to get some pictures of him at his program. The lens isn't my favorite, but I figured the flash would help out any lighting issues. Unfortunately, I was sorely disappointed! They all came out dark and I was royally irritated. BUT, thanks to RAW images, photoshop, and editing magic, I was able to save a picture of his program. YEAH!

We also managed to snap a picture of him and his teachers at the end. Thank you Ms. Becky, Ms. Audrey and Ms. Amber for a great school year!

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