Friday, July 20, 2012

INP Activity - Mozart & Fine Motor

When you have a baby, people are always talking about classical music and how good it is for your babies to hear. Well, its true! However, it isn't necessarily ALL classical music. Specifically Mozart is good brain therapy. His music has the largest range of frequencies and organizes the brain for auditory processing and tonal processing. More so, wearing headphones is where it becomes therapeutic. Rookie LOVES classical music, so we knew that listening to it would not be a problem, but listening to it with headphones would be another story. It is more intense with headphones AND limits his activeness. The requirement is to listen to 15 minutes of mozart once a day with the headphones. During this period of time we can also include a fine motor activity to work on his pencil grip. He is supposed to be wearing a sock that only allows his thumb and pointer finger to stick out, but we haven't made that for him yet. I am looking for some other fine motor activities he can do while listening that are non-educational like a light brite, etc.

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