Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Learning - Letter E

AND, we are back in business...

Rookie (5 yrs old)
Ace (38 mos)
Ladybug (12 mos)

This week was Letter "E" and I set up their desk area with their RRSP materials, Puzzles, books, and toys that matched the theme which included LOTS and LOTS of elephants.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a before picture, but you can see some of the setup with our After picture. We sure got a LOT done this week!

First up is "Calendar Time". Everyone gets a laptray, even Ladybug. I try to put something on her tray that will occupy her so she doesn't get into the boys stuff. We have such a small area to work with that we are at times on top of each other.

One of our pages is checking the weather. We all run to Mommy and Daddy's room to see what God has given us. We have quite a few sunny days marked. Even with the rain we've had lately, the sun has been shining in the morning for school.

Letter "E" this week gave us "Elevating Arms" for our excercise. The boys like to do all the exercises from the weeks before too.

Next up is RRSP (Raising Rock Stars Preschool). "Even A Child is Known By His Deeds" - Proverbs 20:11. Rookie made HUGE improvements with scissors cutting out his vocabulary. I was really impressed. He also quickly translated his Letter E to a blank line! I'm happy that two of the letters we have learned so far have been letters in his name. He easily changed his lower case "e" to an upper case "E" in his name! YEAH!

While Rookie completes his hands on RRSP activities, Ace dives into his Letter of the week. He LOVES to paint, so I took a deep breath and allowed him to finger paint his projects instead of crayons. I need to get some paint trays, but in the meantime, the lids worked nicely. You can see how much fun he is having. Hard to deny that smile!

With paint comes a tad bit of mess, but the bathroom is right next door. So, off he goes to wash!

After RRSP, we move on to some LOTW (Letter of the Week) activities. This week Rookie decided to even pattern his dot letter! I was impressed he kept the pattern going. I must say that most of these activities are VERY easy for him, but we are really just trying to reinforce concepts while we are doing his INP. We don't want to tire out his brain with the wrong emphasis.

"Play" is still very important and after he completes certain items I give him the reward of playtime. He needs to learn to complete certain tasks first. We usually end up doing our RRSP and then 2-4 LOTW activities.

Both boys also get computer time with They both LOVE this website and would stay on it for hours. Last night Robby let Ace play on his computer while Rookie played on their laptop. Though on separate computers and the ability to do their own thing, they drove me bananas looking over their shoulders to go to the same letter and activity seconds apart from each other. I thought I was going to pull my hair out! Too funny!

More LOTW activities this week...

 Sorting capital and lowercase E; placing figures on dot page; Color by number

Then there are activities that Ace wants to do too. He liked helping Rookie sort the elephants from smallest to largest. He was all about Tracing the letter E with their tiny tractor. Finally, an activity that does challenge Rookie a bit: graphing. Ace likes to do it too, but hasn't quite understood it yet. He likes to just color the squares in.

And what is Ladybug doing in the middle of all of this? Why climbing on their chairs and getting in to their drawers of course! But who could blame her? School is FUN!

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SchneiderPeeps said...

What fun activities! Esther will be starting Letter of the Week when we start school in the fall. I think she'll really like it.