Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Impact Back to School Night

Last night was an event that Robby and I have participated in for the past few years. Our church hosts this event right before school is about to be in session. Basically we take children to get their school supplies, clothing and finish it off with a meal. The kids we serve have always had a great time and are excited at getting their new things. Last year, Ladybug was just a few weeks old, so Robby took it on with the boys in tow while us girls stayed home. I was proud of him because he had to take on TWO GIRLS! HA!

This year, we stuffed 5 kids into our SUV and headed to Walmart as a "family" of 7! It was crazy! We had one girl, Susan and one boy, D'Andre. Ace immediately befriended D'Andre and Rookie was all about giving hugs and playing with Susan. So, when it came down to clothes, Robby and I split up to conquer. It was quite an adventure getting a couple of shirts and bottoms for a girl. Especially when there are accessories near by! A glimpse into my future for sure. After our purchases of school supplies, backpacks, lunchboxes, and clothes, we made our way to CiCi's pizza for dinner. This is the one time of year our family ventures to this restaurant. It doesn't exactly fit my diet plan, BUT the kids had a great time and the boys were sad to see their new friends get back on the bus and head back to their homes. I pray these acts of service will stay with the boys as they grown up and that the kids we spend time with will have a seed planted in them to grow for their future in Christ!

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