Sunday, July 15, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Now it is time to RAVE about our swim lessons! I searched and searched for a place for Rookie and Ace to take swim lessons. I checked out a few places in the area. The ratios were either 6:1 and decently priced, or 3:1 and pretty expensive PLUS only a couple of times a week. Rookie had an incident right after Kendall was born that has increased a fear of the water with him. It was very important for us to address this and get him lessons as soon as possible. So, I did what I do best...I googled. I found a website "GREAT! A website that will list ALL of the places that offer lessons" I thought. Well, it was even BETTER! Safe Swim Houston is a mobile swim school that provides swim lessons to people of all ages and skill levels. My first thought was "this is awesome!" second thought was "I bet THIS is PRICEY!" I went on to check it out and was VERY surprised! I called Cortney and we talked about our scenario and pricing. We were able to get the group rate for 3 kids and that included Ladybug in lessons too! The lessons come to US and we were able to set up the time and days of the week we wanted the lessons. Each child gets 10 lessons, 15 minutes each and we are having them three days a week at OUR clubhouse pool....which is just across the street! SO CONVENIENT! The price was very reasonable and worth the convenience and small ratio.

So, that's all good in the beginning, but how did the lessons go?

(swim arms with Coach, "monkey" walk to the steps)

Ladybug was up first. Our lessons were at 10am and she usually takes a nap at 10:30am-11am, so I figured it was best to do her when she wasn't horribly tired. We sang songs (that I need to learn) to blow bubbles in the water, submerse in the water (drinking a bit of pool water in the process), learning to kick feet, swim arms, lay back with ears submersed, "swim" to the side and grab with both hands, "monkey" to the steps, reach for rings in the water, AND "Humpty Dumpty" off the wall to blow bubbles and turn to back. WHEW! a lot for a little girl to handle, BUT she did great! We have a few things we can work with her on until next tuesday getting her ready for her next class. Plus, the water was a bit cold after all the rain we've had, BUT she loved it once we got going.

 (Kicking with Coach, Swim Arms with Coach)

Next up was Ace. He wanted to TALK....A LOT! and set his own rules and boundaries. Good thing Coach just took him into the water or we could have been there all day. HA! Ace was a bit more timid than I thought he would be, but he was with someone new and that takes a bit of getting used to. Ace did everything that Ladybug did, only in a bigger kid way. He had a lot of fun and gave Coach some great kicks and laid his head back pretty good too. You could see him loosening up by the end of his time. I think the 15 minutes a piece was perfect for them to have some individual time.
 (Swim Arms with Coach, Kicking with Coach)

Finally, it was Rookie's turn. (sigh) this was going to be a challenge. When Ace started his session Rookie was already running to the gate door and wanted to go home. We had to give him a "pep talk" and lay down the rules. I'm not sure if it is a bad thing to do with a water fear, but we have to be more forceful (basically talking sternly) with Rookie than gently coaxing him or he won't "snap out" of his mood and comply. So, without actually throwing him in the pool (HA) we had to hand him to Coach to just put him in the water. Once in the water, Rookie had a death grip, but Coach was GREAT at getting him to start loosening up and reassuring him that he had a hold of him. Rookie made the BEST bubbles and kicks in the pool! He did great with every lesson, but would resume his death grip at each transition. His "Monkey" walk was the best too and once we got to that part you could tell he was relaxing and starting to have fun. Rookie even told coach that he had FUN (signing and words) and he doesn't say things he doesn't mean, especially in THAT setting!

I can't imagine what Rookie would have been like in a different setting and with more kids in the mix. Like most scenarios we have had him in, the teachers might have just thrown their hands up and felt he was too much to handle. THANK YOU Coach for being so patient with him and giving him an AWESOME lesson!

Once home, Rookie pretended with Daddy to give HIM swim lessons. He held him on the floor while Daddy kicked. So fun to watch. I definitely think with lessons 3 times a week and us enforcing some elements in the bath tub that the kids will make a lot of progress in the next few weeks!  THANKS SAFE SWIM HOUSTON!

FINALLY, Thank you Grandmommy, Grandpapa and Granny Helen for pitching in for these lessons for the kids' birthday presents. They will be a huge hit I know!

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