Monday, July 16, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

Last week, I was nominated by Angi (Robby's Cousins family) for this Versatile Blogger Award. I must say that I have not been nominated for anything in the Blog World, so this was a nice surprise. Angi's blog is one that always inspires me in simplicity and the world of homeschooling. She has so many great ideas and one of these days when we move out of this townhome and get some more outdoor space, I'm hoping to be able to implement some of her fun outside activities with MY kids. Her youngest daughter and my Ace are also the same age and it has been fun to watch the two grow up through our blogs.

Random facts about myself are difficult for me to come up with in this stage of my life because I have 3 kids who have consumed every brain cell that I have. Straight facts are easier, but I will try to expand them to something more random. I have a passion for quite a few things in life, but I have found that certain passions must take priority. So, we'll start there...

- I have a passion for photography. I LOVE taking pictures of babies, kids, families, objects, buildings, flowers, name it. This passion has been given a name: Robbins Photography and more generally, Robbins Creative.
- Which brings me to another passion of mine, Graphic Design. I LOVE designing. I have designed cycling jerseys for Team Traveling Light (a christian cycling team led by my husband), posters and invites for companies and my church, logos, birthday invites and announcements, T-shirts for mission trips, etc. I love the creative side, but I also WORK for VideoText Interactive (an Algebra & Geometry Program) creating their booth posters, banners, print materials, book layouts, etc.
-Another more important passion of mine is my kids, fondly referred to as Rookie, Ace and Ladybug. This passion for them as well as some challenges has pushed our desire to Homeschool. We will take this decision one year at a time, but we feel that it will have the best outcome for our children and their education as well as their moral compass and influences.
-A random passion in my life is Breastfeeding. Strange passion, I'm sure, but when I had Rookie, I was determined to do everything I could that would be the healthiest options for him. I was crushed when I found out I was going to have to stop nursing him at 3 months and slowly weaned him to formula by 5 months. He was in the hospital twice after he was on formula with viruses with multiple rounds of antibiotics. I know in my heart that had he been on breastmilk, the attack on his system would have been better handled if not eliminated. When we had Ace, I was determined to nurse him as long as possible and that began the true passion. I helped other friends of mine have success with nursing in the beginning. I was able to nurse Ace until 13 months when he stopped on his own and I am currently still nursing Ladybug at 12 months. This passion has given me the desire to be a lactation consultant. Something that I can continue to do far into the the future if I desire. Alas, this is a passion that will have to wait a bit because the schooling is not something I can take on right now with all of the other things going on in this house. So, stay tuned for THAT accomplishment!
-I also LOVE being active. I was very active as a child and really hated Air Conditioning growing up. The feeling of the cool air inside really annoyed me and I desired to be outside in the fresh air. Of course, I didn't live in Texas, I lived in Indiana. Texas has definitely given me an appreciation for AC. I ran cross country, was a cheerleader, ran track (piddled in hurdles), competed in High Jump and Long Jump. But I was well rounded. I could hold my own in volleyball, basketball, golf, tennis, etc I wasn't a pro but I loved to just play and wasn't horrible at any of them.
-My sudden onset of Arthritis when I was a senior in HS curbed my ability to compete and participate in a lot of these activities in the way I always loved, but I still try to find ways to stay active for my own sanity as well as for the health of my body. The disease is a constant emotional struggle. My desire to be everything to my family is daily challenged by the limitations of my body. It is frustrating and there are days it gets the best of me. Though there are days I NEED the help, I don't like asking for it. Raising a family with arthritis is definitely difficult when family is not near by to offer me unpaid time off.
-My family and I also try to be as Vegan and Organic as possible. That is my personal goal for my arthritis and my family follows suit as much as possible. We don't "deprive" the kids of certain items because it is not necessary for them to avoid, BUT we try to get organic in those items to guarantee a good level of nutrition.

Well, not sure how random those are, but they are ME for those that don't know. I don't have a lot of time these days to read many blogs, but I do have some that I try to read a bit from daily in my spare time. HA! With limited time, these are the ones that I decide to allow my time:

I know I am supposed to nominate 15, but honestly, I don't keep up with 15 blogs! So, these are the ones I have decided to nominate for you. These blogs are ones that I watch because of the information that I receive from them, encouragement and the valuable information they provide because of the struggles that they face. So, there they are!

For those of you nominated, here are the rules:
1. Thank the Blogger who nominated you. 
2. Include a link to their site. 
3. Include the award image in your post. 
4. Give 7 random facts about yourself.
5. Nominate 15 other Bloggers for the award.
6. When nominating, include a link to their site.
7. Let other Bloggers know they have been nominated.

Sorry for the LONG blog, I'm sure I rambled about the random's a random fact extra for ya!.....I can definitely RAMBLE.


Shellie said...

I guess I know what Tuesday's post will be! teehee. Thanks for the compliment!

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Thanks for the nomination! I'm enjoying reading your experiences with INT!

~Erin said...

INP...sorry...typo :)