Friday, August 31, 2012

INP Activity - Visual Object Sequence

Memory. A WONDERFUL childhood game. BUT, how much do we play it anymore? I have played it a little with my kids, but I am realizing now that I need to play it with them much more. We are using the game pieces for this Auditory Game. It obviously uses visual, but this still works on the short term memory, auditory processing, etc. As are all of our games at this point, we use three pictures. I lay one down and point to it causing HIM to tell me what it is. I do not speak. I repeat this with the second picture and the third. Then I cover it up with a piece of paper and point to where the first card is under the paper and he tells me what it is. I then repeat this with the second and third card. If he says a card incorrectly, I uncover the cards immediately and make him repeat the order. Then we cover them up and try again. As always, we do NOT allow an incorrect answer to stay in his brain. We immediately repeat the sequence correctly. Rookie has three tries to get it right and then we move on to another set of cards. Usually we get through three sets of cards in the minute time span. We have been doing this for a month and I would say this was the easiest activity like this that he did. He rarely gets them wrong, so a couple of days ago I tried four cards just to see how he would do. He got them right!

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