Sunday, September 16, 2012


And life happens...

We took a week off of school before Labor Day so that I could get prepared and change some things up before our official School Year began. Everything was going according to plan until that Friday. I began getting a headache mid afternoon and decided to take it easy. That evening I got light headed and just didn't feel right. This continued throughout the weekend with the headache reaching an all time high including a pain in my neck and nausea. The only relief I had was when I was laying down or sleeping. I felt perfectly normal until I would stand up. The following tuesday it was time to see Dr. Jason, our chiropractor, and it was confirmed that I was definitely out of line. I had done SOMETHING to my neck the previous thursday playing with the kids. Since that adjustment, I have slowly felt relief. Today, two weeks later, I still have some pressure, but am finally feeling back to normal. Needless to say. School took a back seat. We did SOME last week while my parents were visiting, but we will repeat the Letter this coming week. We were also slackers when it came to Rookie's INP and only accomplished 68%. I am grateful that I am feeling better and had the time to rest. The down time really forced me to slow down a bit and catch up on some much needed sleep.

We will be back into the swing of things this week! I'm excited to FINALLY get started! 

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