Friday, October 26, 2012

Ace - Mother's Day Out 2012

 Oh my! When life happens, it really takes over! I haven't been able to take one moment to recap the happenings in our house. BUT, there have been happenings! I will do my best to catch everyone up and get back on track. First up, Mother's Day Out.

 Ace attends Mother's Day Out at a local church twice a week. This allows him to have some fun social time while I spend time focusing on Rookie and his program/school. This is Ace's second year at this MDO and he typically likes going, though some mornings he voices his opinion to stay home. His teacher this year is Mrs. Paulette and I have heard on many occasions, "Mrs. Paulette says..." It makes me smile because you never know what a child is going to translate what you've said! Though Ace is a young 3-yr-old, being born in May, he definitely seems way beyond his age in abilities. As I've noted before, he has already written his name and numbers. He is also very interested in Rookie's preschool activities. Hopefully, MDO will him an opportunity to do some other fun activities that I can't take on at the house with Ladybug in tow.

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