Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer Learning - Letter Bb

Rookie (5 yrs old)
Ace (39 mos)
Ladybug (14 mos)

This week was Letter "B" and I set up their desk area with their RRSP materials, Puzzles, books, and toys that matched the theme which included blocks, basketballs, baseballs, butterflies, a bus and the color blue! Our sight word was "they" and our virtue was "gentle"

 We have flopped our learning room to fit our newest addition: a wall mounted tv! Yeehaw! I still have some reorganizing to do and remounting of shelves and other items hung with command strips. 

 Sunny days for calendar time! It is amazing how much sun we have had in the mornings during calendar time even when we end up with rain later in the day.

 "B"alancing on one foot for our morning exercise

 Learning how to make the Letter "B" with our wooden shapes.

 I finally pulled out the chalkboard consistently for our handwriting practice. It made a huge difference in him retaining the letter. We first write the letter with chalk. Starting at the top and making our letters fill the chalkboard.

 Next, we take a sponge (our toothettes work great for this!) and draw our letter again erasing it as we go. Then we do the process one more time with a piece of paper towel, drawing our letter and drying off the chalkboard to begin again. A three step process to help him remember the formation of the letter.

 Ace was very excited about doing this too. He liked the different hands on approach.

 Letter disc matching. I need to make another set of letters as I only had one upper case "T". Oops. But it didn't seem to phase Rookie. He knew right where to put that lower case "t".

 Ace wanted to do what Rookie was doing this week. I have a feeling he is going to be moving into the preschool activities quickly. Here Rookie is matching colors and letters while Ace is putting butterflies in his field according to the number I place in the box.

 Our completed Bb puzzle. Rookie is getting used to me taking pictures and actually told me to take a picture of him so he could move on to the next activity.

 Random dot painting. Rookie and Ace just love to play with the dot painters.

 I think this was the only activity that Ace did out of his tot activities this week.

 Ladybug wanting to be like Rookie and wear his computer headphones.

 Size sorting butterflies. We still have to work on using the words "small", "medium" and "large" instead of "little" and "bigger"

 Magnet Butterfly page. Rookie found every circle on the page and put a magnet regardless if it was meant for the magnets.

 Writing our "B" along with our memory verse. Discussing "peacemakers" this week was interesting trying to put it on their level. It challenges my own understanding of the word!

 This weeks vocabulary. Rookie is getting a lot better at cutting them out as long as he SLOWS DOWN.

 Some prewriting work using our dry erase activity board.

 Coloring our memory verse. Lately, Rookie has been avoiding the pictures and drawing or writing around everything.

Finally, Ace getting in on the prewriting activities. He asked for this the last few days of the week.

Next week will be letter "R". I'm torn. I have activities for rainbows AND robots! We might have to do a combo theme!

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