Tuesday, August 21, 2012


We have been doing Rookie's INP for 2 months now (8 weeks). We were able to accomplish 85% of his INP this first month mainly due to my error. We were actually only accomplishing it 65% of the time, but we were doing it 7 days a week. We were drained from trying to do it every single day. The first and second frequency of the items were getting done, but the 3rd and 4th of some of the Auditory Activities were being missed. About two days from the end of that first month I read some of the FAQs again and realized we were only supposed to be doing his program 5 days a week! Being so exhausted from how much time we were putting in to the program I had to laugh. Because of this mess up, we were actually exposing him to 85% of his program throughout that month! That made me feel a lot better, not to mention we WERE seeing improvements. Being able to back down to 5 days a week AND knowing we can see great results doing 80%+, we had the motivation for the second month.

The second month we accomplished 82% of the program 5 days a week. A couple of times we did some extra on Saturday because one day during the week was a little light. Again, we have seen a lot of improvement. At the beginning of the program, Rookie was having difficulty getting any of the Activities right on the third try much less the first try. I even had to ask them how many times I was allowed to give him the sequence before I moved on. After two months, we rarely have to go to that third try. Most of the time he repeats it correctly immediately after I give the sequence to him.

We are now entering our third month. I am really wanting to get higher than 85% accomplished. I want him to get as much out of this program as possible.

This morning was a highlight for me. I gave Rookie his Visual Object Sequence. We were on the last of 3 sequences. I laid down each picture and he repeated them. I covered them up and then pointed to where the first one was under the blank paper. You could see his face go a little blank and then it clicked. He gave me the first picture, the second picture and then then he stopped. You could see him really trying to remember. He actually even reached to pull up the paper to look. I stopped him and encouraged him to remember. He took a breath and gave me the third picture correctly! I screamed "yes!" a hair too loud and gave him a high five. You could tell Rookie was so excited he got it right. That concentration is a HUGE improvement from 2 months ago!

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