Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Neurodevelopmental Acitivities Round 2

Here we go again!

First question. How do you complete 207 activities a week? Make a spreadsheet! ...and get a snazzy stop watch. I am becoming quite the excel spreadsheet guru! Not sure if that is a good thing, but it sure does help to stay organized and get this mass of activities done. Here is our new list of fun things to do as well as our new tracking sheets. By the way, I know that the images are small to read, but if you click on the image, it should open up into a larger window for your viewing pleasure.

This was quite a challenge to get everything on the tracking sheet, but I did it. Usually the first week is getting used to all the new activities and adjustments in the old ones. Also, figuring out when the activities work best in the day. I typically have an idea of when they will best be done, but as the week progresses, I discover hiccups that need to be addressed. Another unfortunate discovery I made, as the number of activities increased this time around, was our school schedule. Yes, a lot of that may have to be put on hold. They have a curriculum that they are suggesting that is bare minimum, but it is important to lay the foundation. This won't necessarily take any stress away since the INP is so time intensive, but it will allow us to focus on what is important. I will try to continue to show you all the different activities that Rookie does. So, far, he has been excited to start up his activities again. We shall see if that continues as the week progresses.

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