Monday, December 3, 2012

Neurodevelopmental Evaluation #2

Well, we are on to round two of our Neurodevelopmental Testing for Rookie. Here is how his last evaluation looked. As a reminder, there are 6 categories that range from birth on up. The boxes that do not have a yellow line on them are MASTERED. The boxes with a dotted yellow line are ALMOST COMPLETE. And finally, the boxes with a solid yellow line are considered INCOMPLETE. None of his boxes have a full yellow "X" which I believe means that he is unable to complete them for some reason. That is a good thing!

This is his NEW Neuro Evaluation. You can see that we have made some progress in many areas. They were very pleased with his progress since a lot of these things are not easy or quick to "COMPLETE". 

"Creeping" in Gross Motor was COMPLETED and he moved forward to include "Control Dominance" in that category. 

"Sentences and Articulation" in Expressive Language is obviously something we are still working on, but he moved forward in this category as well to include "Conversational Language". 

In Fine Motor, Rookie completed "Bi-Manual" (which includes using two hands in opposing directions, like opening a jar) and is at his age level for that category. We believe that he was able to do this at the last evaluation, but honestly had never seen him do it, so we couldn't be sure.

The Visual category is one that we are still working with on the birth level. Though he did make improvements with "Stereopsis" and "Symbol Identification" is ALMOST COMPLETE, we are still looking into his diet for the reasoning behind his "light reflex".

Auditory didn't change at all and we improved at the birth level in Tactility by completing the "Babinski" reflex.

So, what does all this mean? Well, to stay positive, it means IMPROVEMENT! YEAH! Which we HAVE SEEN! But it also means that we have just started and still have quite a road ahead of us. 

The last bit of his evaluation gave us scoring for education, processing and dominance.

 To help clarify this a bit, Rookie is scoring "Kindergarten 6th month" in Mathematics and "1st grade 4th month" in Word Recognition. This is GREAT considering he is just shy of five and a half years old. Always nice to hear that he is one smart cookie! Behaviorally we didn't make a lot of improvement, but that is hard to do in just 4 months. Remember, to go up one digit, we have to make a one-year improvement in behavior. So, we have to just keep that in perspective. 

Finally, dominance. Though it is not necessary to have a true dominance, those that do have one, are able to improve in that area more easily and quickly because you are not going back and forth between two. At least that is my understanding. So, Rookie has moved forward in some dominance visually and with his feet. 

Once again, a lot to take in. We have received our new program for the next few months and will be starting that today! Prayers are appreciated to help us stay on track and for God to guide our efforts. This program can be taxing on all of us emotionally and mentally. Spiritually we need the patience and perserverance to allow God to use his healing hand on him.

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Yay, Rookie. These are great improvements.