Sunday, December 30, 2012

Robbins Christmas 2012

Boy has it been crazy at our house. My list of "todo" seems to get longer instead of shorter. I had so many things I wanted to do with the kids during the Christmas season, but having to implement Rookie's INP just always seems to be all consuming. However, we did have a very nice Christmas!

We visited Santa at Champions Village and visited their petting zoo, Ace had his face painted and they all got balloon pirate swords. Ace managed to end up with three of these swords convincing the balloon elves at each stop to make him another one. The choice of the swords was funny to me. Just shows how boys will be boys no matter what they are exposed to! Of course I think Rookie was using his like a bat most of the time.

We put up our Christmas Decorations. The boys really enjoyed putting up their own this year and Ladybug got into too. Only a couple of filler ornaments were broken.

Ace received an early present from Santa for doing such a good job buckling his seat belt. He desperately needed to get a new seat because Ladybug was way overdo moving into his. We were going to get him a new one for Christmas, but figured the big guy needed to make an early delivery. So, one night we heard a noise and Santa had left a gift for Ace at our front door! EVERYONE was excited about the new seat!

Ace also had his Christmas party at his school. There were games, a puppet show, LOTS of candycanes, another visit with Santa and eating a gingerbread house! They were supposed to build one, but the pieces didn't get much further than the icing and their mouths.

As Christmas drew near it was time for Soup & Santa at our church. One more visit with the big guy to make sure they knew what they wanted for Christmas! Ace asked for Woody every single time. Rookie asked for Dinosaur Rex at the first stop because Ace was telling him that is what he wanted, but by the second and third visit, he had decided that he really wanted a football.

 Ladybug had an ongoing theme of not being too fond of Santa. I'm not surprised. We have three wonderful pictures that look exactly the same of her screaming in his lap. Poor Santa.

Finally I attempted making cookies with them. It was the messiest activity ever! Flour EVERYWHERE! But, I must admit, this was so much fun! We didn't decorate them, though. That is something we will add in the future.

 At last it was Christmas Eve and we decorated our birthday cake for Jesus. The boys LOVE doing this! We let them pick the kind of cake, shape and decorations. I have to say that it looks a bit like an Easter cake!

Next stop, Christmas Morning!

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