Sunday, February 17, 2013

Homeschool - Letter C

Ace(45.5 mos)   •   Rookie(5.5 yrs)   •   Ladybug(19 mos)

Letter C
 This week we focused on JUST the letter "C". We had a lot of fun with our letter basket. There are certain letters that have more items in them than others and the letter "C" is one of those letters. There were a lot of magnets for Ladybug to play with as well as a lot of variety in the pictures so a ton of vocabulary building. Letter "C" is also an important letter in being able to form other letters of the alphabet. We call it "Magic C". Once we learn "C" we can make the letters O, G, and Q.

Rookie loves using his slate to form the letters. This has been a key element in his retaining of the letter shape and formation. "C" is also the first letter that we have worked on that didn't start in the upper left corner by our smile face.
Letter "C" Vocabulary. Ladybug is definitely wanting to get in on the action as usual.

Cutting out our vocabulary. I was very impressed in his cutting skills this week. I always cut around the outside border, but I was very happy with how well he stayed on the lines this time!

Here is a peek at our LGS Foundations work. It is our math curriculum right now. This is very basic and really a grade level below where I think he COULD be. We do three pages a day with includes two pages of learning to write the numbers as well. Again, because we are focusing so heavily on his INP, I do not want any curriculum that is overly challenging so that we can use all of his energy on his base development.

More scissor work!

"C" was definitely a challenge this week. We have a mix of backwards writing on our handwriting sheet. I had to work with him quite a bit to correct him from writing the letter the wrong direction. By the end, he had a pretty good handle on it.
More LGS work with Ladybug right there eating chalk! HA! It is always a task to keep her busy and out of trouble. I will definitely have to make her a binder so she feels a part of the group!

Like I mentioned, LGS Foundations is VERY easy right now. The only numbers we are focusing on is 0-5. I can't help but mix it up a bit for HIS benefit. So, for this activity we worked on placement words "before" "after" "in between", etc. I would give him a random number and we would talk about where it should be placed in relation to the other numbers. Definitely more challenging.
Gotta love stickers! This is a little fine motor work while he listens to his Mozart. Rookie really loved doing this.

One of the few days that Ace was with us for school. This is his monkey "C"lapping for our morning exercise! 

All in all a great week! As always, there are tons more activities that were not captured by my camera. But hopefully you enjoyed this peek into our Letter "C" week! 

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