Friday, February 22, 2013

Neurodevelopmental Evaluation #3

I can't believe it was time for another evaluation. Yet, it HAS been 4 months since our last one. Jan, our Brain Coach, was very impressed with many of his improvements, but we still have a lot to accomplish.

As a reminder, there are 6 categories that range from birth on up. The boxes that do not have a yellow line on them are MASTERED. The boxes with a dotted yellow line are ALMOST COMPLETE. And finally, the boxes with a solid yellow line are considered INCOMPLETE. None of his boxes have a full yellow "X" which I believe means that he is unable to complete them for some reason. That is a good thing! Below is where we were in October. (just click the image to have a more readable size)

This is his NEW Neuro Evaluation. You can see that we have again made some progress. They were very pleased with his progress though we had been stuck a bit in his behavior level. As this improves, his language will improve along with it! 

"Creeping" came back in Gross Motor. It was on our initial evaluation and then he "completed" it last time. Evaluations always indicate performance at a certain time and Rookie loves to be silly. So, I'm not sure if he was just "not cooperating" or we need to revisit some activities for this. Regardless, we will be focusing to "complete" this category again as well as working to accomplish the other categories that are "incomplete".

"Sentences and Articulation" in Expressive Language is obviously something we are still working on as well as "Conversational Language". This will improve as his behavior level improves. So, focusing on really improving THAT aspect should help these move to "completion".

In Fine Motor, Rookie has moved to the next level to include an "incompletion" of "Manual Dominance". Moving forward means that we will work on that next step to move the new category towards "completion".

The Visual category is one that seems to plague us, BUT we did make some improvements this time! We completed "Horizontal Tracking" and "Symbol Identification". "Stereopsis" came back on the scene. Not sure why. Like I saw with his "creeping" he may not have cooperated with the evaluation. Regardless, it is always best to refocus on it to guarantee the results. We are also needing to focus on his diet to make sure THAT is not what is hindering our success. It seems our family is ALWAYS working on diet. I mean can we seriously get ANY HEALTHIER?! HA!

Auditory again didn't change at all and we "completed" the "Olfactory/Gustatory" category in  Tactility. She did mention that he didn't seem as ticklish either.

So, a lot of big words that mean more IMPROVEMENT! YEAH! And we HAVE SEEN it! But, as always, we still have much to do! Each quarter is a time to regroup and refocus. To me it is exciting to start a new program and really work on getting higher percentages of completion. In fact, I am probably obnoxiously antsy about getting our new program. BUT, my focus this quarter is also to keep things in perspective and POSITIVE! I have been sucked into the "hating" the INP mode. It is a lot of work and my son doesn't always cooperate or gets distracted, but I have to remember that we want POSITIVE changes and I want to be a thermostat for my kids not a thermometer!

As always, feel free to contact me if you would like more information into what we have done and why!

Little Giant Steps

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