Monday, February 25, 2013

Homeschool - Letter O

Ace(45.5 mos)   •   Rookie(5.5 yrs)   •   Ladybug(19.5 mos)

Letter O
 This week was a crazy week. I thought we might tackle letter "O" and "Q", but we had too much going on with evaluations that I decided not to push it. (Even though the kids willingly put a line on their O's to make the letter Q!) 

Calendar Time learning our state of "Ohio" and the color "Orange". Our shape was an "arrow" and we changed the direction each day.  Ladybug wants to put up our elements at the beginning of the week. So, I let the kids get one piece out of their tray and we discover what shape, color, exercise, and state we have for that week.

Jumping "O"ver a pillow. I think he got some good air on this one! Rookie was nice to "help" Ladybug jump over the pillow too. I didn't get a picture of that though.

Rookie counting our days on the calendar.

We talked about how to start with Magic "C" and then continue with another big curve to make the letter "O". We also talked about how an "O" looks like a circle.

My over achievers making a "Q" out of their "O"s. Well, next week should be pretty easy!

A little bit of LGS work writing number "4" and "5". Rookie completes 3 pages of his book every day which includes 2 pages of writing numbers. Ace has a book as well, but typically he just works on the page we are on since he is in MDO twice a week and misses some of our daily progress. I may go back with him and complete the days he has missed.

RRSP letter activities. After tracing the letter I will typically call out the words that I know he recognizes in the memory verse for him to circle. It is so much fun to see how many of the words he knows!

Lots of vocabulary cutting. Again, Rookie has been choosing his left hand to cut. Perplexing! I will have to purchase some left handed scissors since the ones we have do not want to cooperate and frustrate him a bit.

Of course Ladybug is right there with him. So cute! I made her a binder of pictures for the letter "O". So, she felt right at home with Rookie. She also wanted some slate practice time with chalk. How can I say no?!?

Cutting out our bible verse. Rookie has really improved in his ability to tape the verse together. Ripping the tape off is definitely not easy, but he is learning control and patience.

Our final writing of the letter "O". We had two struggles. The first was using the whole space and writing from top to bottom. The second was writing the "O" the correct direction. Otherwise, "O" is pretty easy.

Ladybug just thought the sound of these pieces was fun. She would take them out and put them back in pretending she was matching them up.

This was one of Rookie's "fine motor" activities while listening to mozart. Not heavily fine motor, but something different. This seemed to be computer time for everyone! Ace was on the Kindle, while Rookie listened to his mozart and Ladybug hung out in the middle of it all.

Rookie isn't a big fan of coloring. He just scribbles and moves on. This activity is for him to complete his color stubs. Notice how well he follows the directions! He definitely colored the numbers.

Ace getting in on the shape blocks as well. He LOVES puzzles, so this was something he was drawn to playing with.

Just thought I would note our word wall! Look at all of those words that Rookie knows! I am so proud of him! I'm not sure what I'm going to do when we get to the bottom. Our caterpillar might just have to get fatter!

And a final look at our wall at the end of the week. We accomplished quite a bit for such a crazy week!

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