Monday, February 4, 2013

Homeschool - Letter X & Y

Ace(45 mos)   •   Rookie(5.5 yrs)   •   Ladybug(18.5 mos)

Letter X&Y
I've decided to pick up the pace a bit since I am not using ALL the activities in our LOTW curriculum. I am just using the pieces that allow me accomplish another INP activity. This includes fine motor activities (poke page, cutting, coloring). Since we took some time off focusing on letter formation, I decided we needed to catch up. So, our new schedule is RRSP with memory verse and handwriting along with learning our sight word. Then we do a little bit of HWT with the slate and wooden pieces followed by Little Giant Steps (LGS) Foundations math curriculum. Finally, I throw in the LOTW sheets that allow me to do more activities. Because of this I am accomplishing two letters per week. Rookie does not need to LEARN his letters, so just focusing on letter formation this pushes us with two letters and two sight words. Plenty of "school" while we are in INP mode. We are continuing to set up our desk to reflect that letter, I just change it out midweek. Here is our Letter "X". I forgot to take a picture of "Y"
I FINALLY made Ladybug's magnet board. This is the perfect time for it, though. The magnet pieces in our Letter basket now have a place to be displayed and discovered! I still need to mount in on the wall.

 Picking our e"X"ercise...marching

 Rookie, reading his new sight word "little"
 Cutting skills are improving!
 Taping our verse together. He told me it was LONG this week!
 Letter "X" slate chalk/sponge
 Rookie STILL LOVES to fill the page with his new letter.
Cutting shapes was a HUGE challenge this week.
 I decided this glue was better for development than the glue stick. I was surprise that he had great control squeezing!
 The end of our "X" week!
 On to the letter "Y"! We only had time for one day of this letter, so I am going to just review it next week as we learn our next letter. "Y" is actually in his name so that letter will be reviewed every day FOREVER! Ha!
Finally, our "Y" poke page. He still loves to put it up to the window to see the holes.

This was my first week to try and accomplish two letters. It was kinda crazy because I forgot to change out the letter and that is why we only had one day with "Y". So, hopefully this next week will be a bit smoother.

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