Sunday, February 10, 2013

Homeschool - Letter Z

Ace(45.5 mos)   •   Rookie(5.5 yrs)   •   Ladybug(19 mos)

Letter Z
So it seems my desire to implement two letters a week was a bit ambitious. It may work in the future, but this week we struggled a bit writing the letter "z" and then to try and rush through the letter "c" was just not a very good option. Letter "C" is an important base letter because it forms the letters "O, G, and Q" so we are going to focus on "C" all next week and then look at the possibility of doubling up again for the remaining letters. It may just depend on the difficulty of the letter that week. I can see Letter "I" and "T" not needing quite the same amount of time. However, letter "S" might need a whole week. So a long explanation for why we only worked on letter "Z" this week! 

 Our "Z" Memory Verse: "Zaccheaus, make haste and come down, for today I must stay at your house. Luke 19:15" Rookie loved saying "make haste!" LOL

 Fishing for our zebras and Zs from our letter basket. Ladybug even got in on the fun hanging off the bed.
 A bit of calendar time in the morning while Ace was at Mother's Day Out. These days are nice for us to have some one on one time with school.

 Writing letter "Z" on our slate
Cutting out our vocabulary. Rookie is still choosing his left hand occasionally. The scissors don't always work best on that hand, so that makes the activity more difficult sometimes.

 Monkey got in on the fun of coloring our craft this week. In fact, Monkey seemed to be a big player throughout the week for a lot of activities!

 Circles are definitely not easy to cut, but Rookie did a lot better with it this week than he did last week.
 Gluing everything down using liquid glue. Yes, sticks are less messy, but I find that using liquid glue also practices listening to mommy when she says "stop!"

 Rookie is a champ tracing. He decided to add "treasures" that Captain Hook left to the end of his Zs. Such an imagination! We did great until we got to the freehand letters and then it took some intense mommy time to get it back. I think this also confirmed my thoughts about not pushing a letter too hard or too fast and taking each one at its own pace.

 A bit of Kindle time with Ladybug. She LOVES to be just like her brothers! She mimics Rookie a lot. So, cute to see!

One day with all the kids wanting to be a part of school. Ace wanted to work on our LGS Foundations. I made him a book too and he enjoys going through it with us. I am finding Ladybug is going to need a binder of some sort. She is not quite satisfied with the pieces of paper I put in front of her to keep her busy.

A final look at our "Z" week. I started taking down the memory verse and such when I realized I needed to snap a picture of our work. Oops!

Next week... MAGIC "C"

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