Friday, March 1, 2013

Neurodevelopmental Evaluation #3 - Continued

Somehow we walked out of our evaluation without this report, so I have been waiting on it to be emailed to me. This is an assessment that tells us what level Rookie is at so that we know how to implement some of his Processing Activities. He, again, proved how smart he is! Rookie is just 5.5 years old. According to his age, he would be in Kindergarten, but he would be one of the youngest in his class. Typically parents will delay public school Kindergarten for young boys like Rookie. We did this also because of the challenges we were facing. HOWEVER, as many of you know from following our blog, I homeschool my kiddos, so he hasn't necessarily been delayed altogether.

So, on to the evaluation.

As you can see Rookie is scoring pretty much his age in Mathematics (though I'm not sure why we went backward a bit. I have an email sent asking about this) and scoring 1st grade, 5th month in Word Recognition. Rookie has a nice list of sight words that he knows and loves books.

In the category of Processing...this is exciting...we have moved up, FINALLY! We are at a 3 in Auditory Digits, Auditory Objects, and Visual Objects. This is what helps with our behavior level and to move up is exciting! That is one year of behavior development that we have moved in 8 months. We would like to move a little faster than this, so hopefully focusing hard on these activities (in a positive way) will help. Visual Digit Span was still at a 2-3 but this is one category we haven't done much with BUT AGAIN, I have an email in asking why this level went backwards a bit.

Dominance is something we are working for as well. There is still no definite dominance yet since there is still a mixture, but they are beginning to take a certain direction.

So, this is the final piece to our evaluation.  We are definitely moving forward. This last quarter was hectic with the holidays and we didn't have the best percentages. My prayer is that this quarter we will be able to hit our numbers AND do it with positive attitudes!

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