Saturday, March 2, 2013

Neurodevelopmental Activites #3

It's that time again!

Our plan has increased AGAIN! We are up to 247 activities per week. However, looking at the INP doesn't really feel like we have increased in activities. I have once again put them on our spreadsheet which I print out, laminate and post one upstairs in the school room and one downstairs on the fridge. This just helps me to not have to tote this thing everywhere I go. I typically have a good idea of what we have done as the day progresses AND certain sets of activities will typically get done downstairs, or while school is going on. Even bedtime routine may have a certain round of activities, so it doesn't get too confusing. At the end of the week I document all of the boxes on the digital file and save it. Laminating these printed sheets means I can just wipe them off and start over. I used to just print out new sheets, but I was throwing them away since I like to make digital files anyway. It's the graphic designer in me making things pretty. Well, here is our new list of activities. (just click on the image for your viewing pleasure)

I have CRAMMED everything on the sheet and filled up all of our empty spaces this time around. As always, the first week of working through our INP is making sure this "schedule" works for me. I have a pretty good handle on how our day goes now so I'm pretty sure it is going to work fine. I don't adhere to it EXACTLY and the minor changes I make don't constitute me refining the tracking sheet. For example, a lot of his audio book/story time gets done in the morning, but there is no point in putting it ALL in the morning. I just mark off the later times if he gets it done. These are also 3rd and 4th frequencies and so it is ideal to complete these, but if they aren't done, I'm not going to lose sleep. The items in bold are everything we need to do at least once. I try to make sure THOSE are accomplished for the day if nothing else.

On a side note: I must say that I do LOVE a program that gives you an activity called "Auditory Bible Verse". That definitely makes me feel like God is walking with us on this road.

We will officially be starting this INP the second week of March. We are taking these first two weeks since our evaluation to focus on the two-week behavior program. We will be having ANOTHER evaluation for Rookie next week to implement BIT Therapy (Brain Integration Therapy). I will post more about that next.

So, here's to another quarter!

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