Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Next Step - A Bit of an Intro

This weekend we are preparing for another step in Rookie's development. We feel that in all of our family challenges, God has brought people into our lives that have given us a new direction to our path. Sometimes it may seem that it was just a detour. But I believe if we try (which is not easy) to take a step back and open our eyes to see a bigger picture we may get a little better understanding as to why God took us that direction. One example for us is our ever changing diet. When Rookie was born, our family diet went organic vegan (with only whole grains and an exclusion to refined sugars..a very strict drastic change) to help my crippling arthritis. This new diet meant a LOT of homemade meals and few restaurants. After about a year we added in mozarella cheese and salmon. God blessed me with being able to be completely medication free. I was able to nurse my second child, Ace, for 13 months and my third child, Ladybug, for 18 months! This was something I was unable to do with Rookie, having to stop at 4 months to focus on healing my arthritis. We have kept this diet for over 5 years. Recently, though, I found out that my thyroid was being overworked and not producing like it should, so through some research we changed our diet once again. This time we went the OTHER direction discovering that my vegan/vegetarian diet includes a high amount of foods that are thyroid suppressors. So, now we are eating eggs, beef, and chicken BUT all organic and if possible from a reputable farm. I am not flaring like I did 5 years ago with these animal proteins. In fact, I hardly see any issues at all besides an annoying thumb that gets stiff in the morning. Some people may see this as a "waste of time" or maybe even a contradiction going through a process that has us eating all of these foods again, BUT if you look closer, we are much pickier about the meat we eat and HOW we fix our food. I don't think we would be this way if we had just gone from eating the Standard American Diet (which is SAD, indeed!) to this organic farm diet. I'm sure it would have been much easier to slack and not be so strict or we wouldn't have such convictions about what we are feeding ourselves and our children (or avoiding for that matter). We have also learned SO MUCH over the past 5 years about health and nutrition. I'm not sure initially we would have even been ready mentally or as a family to take on this positive change without that knowledge. Knowledge that we also GLADLY pass on to others in the hopes that it can positively affect them and their children.

So, now we prepare to walk down another path for Rookie: Brain Integration Therapy.

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Angi Schneider said...

It is a journey, isn't it. We actually order our meat through a co-op with Fran's Fryers, You might want to check them out.

By the way, I love reading Rookie's progress with Little Giant Steps. It's amazing!