Monday, July 8, 2013

Crossinology - Back to Austin! (Part 1)

I greatly apologize for the crazy long delay of information. After we returned from Austin in March, we dove back in to our family schedule with Rookie's INP, as well the hundreds of other things that was on our todo list from then until now: 5 birthdays, mother's day, father's day, the MS150 cycling event, sports camp, MDO programs, a new LGS evaluation, and those are just the BIG events of life. Now it is time to head BACK to Austin to finish BIT with Rookie.

This time my mom and I drove the kids to Austin. Of course, what is a trip like this without a bit of drama to start with?! We weren't but 10 minutes away from the house when we heard a loud "POP!". I looked at my mom puzzled as to what the sound could have been and she suggested we pull over and take a look. We had just passed an exit so we had to just pull to the emergency lane. I got out of the car and walked around to check the tires. As I reached the rear right tire I could hear the air coming out of the tire as the tire went flat. REALLY?! A flat tire?! NOW?! How blessed were we to be rescued by my knight in shining armour!

Thank goodness we were only a little ways from home! Robby was able to meet us and change my tire with the spare for us to get going again. Back on the road again, we made it to Austin in time for dinner. Rookie's appointment wasn't until the next afternoon, so we were still able to make a "leisure" trip to Austin.

When Rookie arrived at his appointment today, much to my pleasing ears, his practitioner was very pleased at what she saw. She remembered his behavior from months before and commented at how much calmer he was. Thank goodness! She said his behavior was much closer to a typical 6 year old. Sometimes, as a mom that is so close to the situation, it is hard to always see the changes. We are also dealing with speech challenges as well as behavior, so sometimes you miss changes with one because you are focusing on the other. Of course we are hoping that this process will help with all of our challenges. We shall see.

At the end of today's session, she let me know how it had gone. A lot of the focus today was his eyes and she mentioned that this process was going very quickly. But, while working with his eyes, Rookie just closed them and went to sleep. Our appointment was at 1:00, and though he typically doesn't take a nap, the strain on his brain probably just wore him out. While asleep, she was able to work on some more advanced therapy since she needed him to be still for them and asleep worked just as well....especially on a 6 year old! She tried to wake him when she finished to work on his eyes again, but had to call me letting me know that he was so crashed out that she couldn't wake him for anything. So, we finished a bit early. Our plan is to bring him back tomorrow for a couple of hours to finish the treatment on his eyes. Then it will be a waiting game to see any changes.

We continue to just ask for prayers of healing and really just trust in God's plan. I know that He has a great plan for Rookie and I want to trust in that plan even if I do not know what it is. I know He will use this for his glory.

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