Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Crossinology - Back to Austin (Part 2)

...The final episode!

I dropped Rookie off this morning for the last two hours of his Crossinology BIT. His practitioner was able to give me some more information on yesterday's events and what the plan was for today. She had spent about 45 minutes on his eyes and mentioned that if he could use his finger to track along with his eyes that he did a lot better. When I picked him up today, she said this was still the case with his processing. This may be something that goes away with age and development, but a stepping stone of using his finger to help his eyes track, helps him to process what he is seeing. I had noticed this with some of his INP activities, so it was interesting that she noticed the same thing as well as affirming this use as being ok.

Rookie flew through his therapy this morning and I barely had time to sit down at the house before she called me to come pick him up! He was focused and very cooperative, so the therapy went fast. When I got there, she took a little time to "balance" me for "the anxiety of dealing with his learning challenges". She also gave me strict orders to take two "FUN" hours to myself every week. So, that means running to the grocery by myself is NOT one of those activities! HA! I will definitely schedule that! It is important for me as well as my kids. Moms, take note!

So, now we move forward. I will have to give another update later when she sends me the final paperwork so I can show percentages and improvement for you all to see. For now, we will work with him to continue changing his behaviors. Even though he is only six, he has already learned some behaviors and reactions due to the initial delays that he will have to unlearn. He now knows he can make a different choice, but we will need to help him make and choose those NEW behaviors. In other words, we will need to continue to over emphasize better behaviors in ourselves to show him how we can control our emotions and therefore helping him to emulate them as well....new tricks that are not quite as easy for us old dogs! Otherwise, Susan said that he is behaving very much like a typical six year old. Oh how happy this statement makes this mommy!

Rookie and "Susan"

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