Saturday, September 14, 2013

Robbins Academy - Letter A Week


Rookie - 6 years
Ace - 4 years
Ladybug - 2 years

Well, here we go again! This week was our first official week back of school. We really school year round, but I did try to make an official start to our school year. It has been a crazy summer and I wasn't sure I was "ready", but we jumped right in and the kids loved it! I will post a curriculum update soon along with their school pictures and such. I farmed out the pictures this year because I have been working and just didn't have time to do it. However, I DID take Rookie's Pre-K Grad pictures at the Train Depot. Those will be posted soon!

So, back to our schedule!

Ladybug and Ace attend a Mother's Day Out program twice a week. This gives me some concentrated time with Rookie for school and his INP. I think if we were  JUST focusing on school, I wouldn't have them in the program. It really does make my week a bit more hectic running them to and from the church. Ladybug is also struggling a bit with the separation from me and getting used to being there, but I think she will come around soon and has been making strides the past couple of weeks.

We are still fine tuning our schedule because it really has been a challenge to decide what everyone can do together and apart. Ace was always very good about doing activities with us and then going off to play if he wanted to. Ladybug is a different animal altogether. She does NOT want to do "baby" activities and wants to be right in the middle of everything we are doing! I am really trying to find a way to get her engaged in some other type of play to give me some more time to focus with the boys.

Now to see a bit of what we accomplished this week! QUITE A BIT! Our wall was FULL and I had more that didn't fit. I was really quite surprised since we only really have school 3 days out of the week. Rookie's work on the other two days doesn't really produce much for the wall. My pictures did not do our week of work justice, but I will do better in future weeks.
**notice Rookie's handwriting! HUGE IMPROVEMENT and NO prep on the lowercase letters!

I have already discovered a few things that worked and didn't work this week and I'll be changing it up this next week when we start Letter B! 

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