Sunday, September 15, 2013

Time for Mr. Thirsty!

It's that time of year again! We took the trek to the DENTIST and everyone did GREAT!

Rookie used to be a wild card, but he has improved so much lately and this trip was no different. Ladybug can also have a crazy agenda, but she was content to play with the animals and watch, so that was a big stress reliever for me! Rookie even took some time to check out Ladybug's teeth for Dr. Matthews. I see a future dentist in the making!

The unfortunate part of this visit is we clarified the problem with Rookie's 6-yr molars. We knew they had not formed the enamel correctly, however I had not processed in my head that these were permanent teeth! Ouch! That means we will need to do something for him because of the sensitivity. They are encouraging stainless steel crowns and I am not so excited about this. Not because of the way they would look, but because of the metal in his mouth. We have until January to decide about that option, so we will be in prayer about what we should do. Otherwise, Ace and Rookie had great looking teeth! We need to brush a bit better and we will be enforcing night flossing now, but all in all it was a great visit!

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